428 Series Radiant Conveyor Toasters




No power.

Circuit breaker tripped.

Reset circuit breaker.

Power switch inoperable.

Replace power switch.

Broken wire in power cord.

Replace power cord.

Toaster conveyor not turning.

Conveyor motor inoperable.

Lubricate and / or replace motor.

Conveyor switch inoperable.

Replace speed switch.

Motor chain is loose.

Retension motor chain.

Conveyor bearings worn.

Replace bearings.

Conveyor chain binds up in operation.

Sprockets worn.

Replace sprockets.

Excessive slack in conveyor chain.

Remove a chain link.

Toaster overheating.

Airflow blockage.

Clear any debris from fan guard.

Airflow fan inoperable.

Replace fan motor.

Upper and lower heat tubes not heating.

Heater switch inoperable.

Replace heater switch.

Heater tube inoperable.

Replace heater tube.

Bread product burning.

Conveyor speed too slow.

Adjust to proper settings.

Bread product too light.

Conveyor speed too fast.

Adjust to proper settings.

Caution:Turn off power switch, unplug toaster from wall outlet, and let toaster cool down before doing any repairs. All repairs should be done by a qualified service technician
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