297 Series Vertical Contact Toaster




Unit will not heat up. Power rocker switch light off.

No power to unit.

Ensure power cord is connected to proper Receptacle and the power inlet.

Inoperable power cord.

Replace power cord.

Loose connection on power switch.

Tighten power switch connections.

Inoperable power switch.

Replace power switch.

Unit will not heat up. Power rocker switch light on.

Inoperable thermostat.

Replace thermostat.

Inoperable platen.

Replace platen.

Unit heats up, but the conveyor does not run.

Loose motor switch connection.

Tighten motor switch connection.

Inoperable motor.

Replace motor.

Stripped drive gear.

Replace drive gear.

Loose chain sprockets.

Adjust and tighten sprockets.

Gears not meshing.

Adjust conveyor set screws.

Inoperable motor switch.

Replace switch.

Unit under and over heats (does not respond to thermostat adjustments).

Inoperable thermostat.

Replace thermostat.

Buns under or over done.

Check platen adjustment.

Adjust platen for proper compression

Check platen temperature.

Adjust thermostat for proper temperature.

View Wiring Diagram for 297 Series Vertical Contact Toaster.
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