How are holding bins used?

  • Holding bins allow operators to cook menu components in advance and then gently store that product in the holding bins until the order is received
  • Once that order is placed, the crew will assemble that order using hot and fresh menu components from the holding bin
  • Holding bins allow operators to serve to order, helping increase speed of service while maintaining high product quality standards

Benefits of holding bins

  • Hold food longer - up to one hour and beyond
  • Less waste
  • Faster speed of service
  • Holds foods at safe temperatures
  • Consistent quality product
  • Increased operational flexibility

Benefits over other holding techniques

Holding bins are superior to steam cabinets as they hold product 3-4 times longer without washing the food with water and diluting the flavor. Holding bins are also better than heat lamps because holding bins hold food 4-5 times longer without drying out the food.

Why Prince Castle holding bins?

  • Thousands of bin in use worldwide!
  • No doors for easier operation and stable hold environment
  • Able to hold your entire menu - both fried and moisture-sensitive products in one unit
  • Exclusive MenuTrak menu supervision system
  • Sizes to fit your kitchen layout
  • Rack system simplifies cleaning
  • Design allows bins to fit anywhere